Management Team

Akinbo Akin-Olugbade   Iretekhai Akhigbe  
Akinbo Akin-Olugbade
  Iretekhai Akhigbe

The management team, in keeping with a multi-faceted approach to providing solutions to investors and decision makers across diverse industries draw from experiences derived from a range of service sectors. Our collective activities have covered: Commodities Trading - developing and conducting the commercial strategy for the procurement and brokerage of commodities (price analyses, cash flow & financial controls, shipping, logistics). Real Estate - developing and directing re-investment strategies for residential property renovation projects, plus advisory services such as lease negotiations & service agreements. Oil & Gas – investment advisory services for small volume producing prospects. Each member of our Executive team has successfully delivered multi-million dollar projects from inception to completion and proved that with our team there is always a better way. Kawai.